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Where are all the blog posts in English?

With roughly 90% of my clients native French speakers, it makes sense for me to reach out to them first and foremost in French. That being said, I love writing in English – heck, it’s a large part of why I choose to translate predominantly into English – and I certainly don’t want to close myself off to the big wide world that uses English on the web, or turn my back on 10% of my clientele.

I intend to translate my most valuable blog posts in order to share insights that can benefit you as well, but I doubt doing so for every single post is going to be sustainable. Simply hit the “In English” tag at the bottom of this post to bring up all posts in English. Also, please make sure join me on FB, where my posts are mostly bilingual. And I’m always willing to chat if you have questions, comments, or suggestions!

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