Know what’s worse than blank page syndrome? Blah page syndrome. Don’t let meh happen to you.

Whether you’re reaching out to the next town over or planning on going global, your communications deserve better than vague, bland copy. Echo Tango’s translation and copy editing services help

  • Strengthen and promote your brand.
  • Generate new business opportunities.
  • Give you peace of mind and the freedom to spend your time and energy on what you do best.


The result: impactful copy that resonates in the hearts and minds of your readers, while still sounding just like you. Put an end to meh and take on the world!
End meh now

3 ways to put an end to meh

Marketing translation

Word-for-word translation just doesn’t cut it. Creative adaptation helps your brand shine every step of the way.
Websites, press releases, advertising campaigns, newsletters, brochures, packaging, speeches, and any other format you can imagine!

Administrative & technical translation

It’s all about clarity and accuracy. Forget corporate-speak, buzzword overkill and jargon no one understands. Make your words hit home.
Presentations, training materials, communications with employees and customers, user guides, policies and processes, and anything else you produce to help your business run smoothly.

Copy editing

Way beyond mere grammar and spell-checking. Catapult your texts to the next level with a massive dose of creativity.
Perfect for documents with solid fundamentals, but that lack that little je-ne-sais-quoi. Think of it as the icing on the cake.

I've got meh. Help!

The Echo Tango promise



Shout it from the mountaintops. Clear, impactful copy. Creative translations that convey your meaning and style.


It takes two. Partnership based on respect, responsiveness, and trust.

And I keep my word

Repeat clients
Words translated

They’ll tell you

“Danièle’s attention to detail and professionalism are exemplary. She really gets our marketing approach and our vision, and she adapts accordingly to produce exceptional quality content! Her advice is gold and helps us take our young business to new heights. She adds tremendous value to any organization.”

Jérôme and Jérémie, co-founders, Sense Sation
She shares our vision Jérôme and Jérémie, founders, Sense Sation

“Danièle provides impeccable translation quality and efficient turnaround, despite my often short lead times. She’s a valued partner in crime who helps my company shine.”

Johanne Landry
A valued partner in crime Johanne Landry, Strategic Advisor and Certified Coach

Danièle has a gift for writing. Give her an outline and she’ll find not only the right words, but the tone and feeling your copy needs. She has talent, creativity, an eye for detail, and she’s great with deadlines!

Linda Bergeron
A gifted writer Linda Bergeron, VP of Human Resources

Got some meh you need kicked to the curb? Let’s talk.


Daniele Powell

Hi! My name is Danièle, and bad copy drives me nuts.

We all get swamped with ads and all kinds of info, day in and day out. My mission is to make your communications stand out.

Echo Tango is a solo project, but one with a network of expert partners available to lend a hand when projects call for it. I move mountains to make sure you get the best results and to see your projects skyrocket.

I craft messages for agencies and firms who want to stand out and change the world. You want to see your communications soar with smooth, compelling copy that sounds like you? We should talk.

About me

Yes, that’s Danièle with only one l and a grave accent (that’s the one that slopes down) on the first e. With a French first name and a Welsh last name, it’s needless to say I’ve lived on the cusp of the two cultures from my earliest childhood, raised on equal parts Sesame Street and Passe-Partout. It was a sign of things to come. Translation has been my passion for well over a decade now, and it shows no signs of stopping.

At a glance – the pro…

  • 15 years of experience working in corporate communications, marketing, and customer service teams for B2B and B2C companies in the manufacturing and service industries.
  • 10 years of freelance translation moonlighting.
  • Certificate and graduate diploma in French-English translation from McGill. Also, bachelor’s degree in ecology gathering dust in a drawer.
  • Volunteer translator for Translators Without Borders.
  • Lifelong learner who collects courses and seminars like dragons hoard gold.

…and off the clock

  • Night owl.
  • Exceedingly curious introvert known to talk too fast and/or too loud when I get excited about things, which is often.
  • Avid reader of anything at hand, from cereal boxes to dictionaries.
  • Animal lover with a fondness for hazelnut coffee.
  • Fan of pro wrestling, body art, OCR races, music that inspires mosh pits, and comic books. The geek is strong in this one.

Ready to dump your meh? Let me at it!


Now where to?

Like a choose-your-own adventure book, it's your call.

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